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Mini box input selection

Has anyone figured out how to change the tv input using the mini boxes. When you touch the input button on the remote, it brings up the input selection screen, however no button on the remote will change the selection. I have three of these mixes with three different tv brands, and none of them work

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  • Mini box input selection,

    Typically changing inputs can be done by pressing the input button multiple times or by pressing input to bring up the selection options and using the arrows and the select button to choose the input you'd like to view.

    If neither of these options are working for you maybe a different code for your brand of television would be a better option. You can check for additional TV codes at

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    Using the arrow keys on the mini box won't work because they are bonded to the cable function and can't be used to talk to the TV. That is the main difference between mini box remote and normal Cox remote, mini box can't change it's channel lock. If your TV is a Element or any similar kind of TV, then you need to use the buttons on the TV or the TV remote. It's because of the way the TV was designed(badly).