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Mini box EMI

Cisco Mini box DTA 250HD is interfering with AM radio reception. I do not see an FCC Part15 Certification on the data plate. The first box was replaced with a second mimi box but the problem is the same, hash in the radio. What measures do you have to eliminate the unintended radiation of these devices? This device has an unintended radiation problem. I am measuring 20 dB to 30 dB radiation above ambient from the enclosure and the cables. Do you have a fix?

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  • Miniboxanguish,

    I'd like to take a closer look at this and reach out to the field for more info. I was able to find your account based off your forums registration information. Once I have more information I'll follow up with you here.

  • @Miniboxanguish,

    Thank you for your patience. Our Field Team would like to get a lead tech out to your home to investigate further. If you'd like to get an appointment setup, please email us with your address, best contact number, availability, and the link to this forums thread.

    Thank you,