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Mini Box Complaint

Less question, more complaint since I can't find a simple way to send a complaint email/message to COX.

In short, not liking the mini box. We have an old TV in my son's room (he's 5 years old) that we had plugged directly into the wall so he could get a few simple kid's channels to watch. With the switch to "all digital" we now have to pay more money, he has to deal with a second remote control, and we need to get a splitter so we have another wall outlet for it--not to mention the estimated ~$10/year in additional power usage the box will use.

So here I am having to pay to be inconvenienced to get what I already had with greater ease.

This is utterly stupid. And if it's something that COX benefits from (not having to handle analog anymore) then that savings should be passed on to us in some way to compensate for our new costs and inconvenience.

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    I'll certainly pass your feedback along. I'm curious as to why you needed the splitter however. The mini-box should be able to connect to the existing outlet then to the TV without the need to split anything. Just wondering if you may have set something up unnecessarily which may be further complicating the switch to digital.