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Mini Box and NO On Demand

Your sales agent told me that the mini box would have On Demand. I specifically asked for that feature. I also asked for service in two rooms and was told that's not possible. The services I am getting, I've only been with you guys about 2 months, I am very unsatisfied with. The internet is not as good as my DSL: It takes several tries for me to be able to watch something on Hulu and Netflix, the images don't show up on Hulu, etc. and now this. I'm about ready to have you guys rip this out of my home and take it back. This is not okay!

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    the mini boxes as you found out do not do ondemansd.  you need a digital box for each room/tv you want to access ondemand on?

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    Hi PandaMayhem,

    As Andrew stated, in order to receive the On Demand service, you will need an advance digital receiver. We can review your account details. Please send us an email to with your full name and service address.