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MeTV - WJLA DT 7.2 - WTTG DT 5.3 - Changing on 03-28-2017

Per this announcement : Memorable Entertainment Television ( a.k.a. MeTV ) will be ending their relationship with WJLA DT 7.2 on 03/28/2017. MeTV is establishing a relationship with WTTG DT 5.3 as a substitute. Currently channel 804 is assigned to WJLA DT 7.2. Will COX be changing channel 804 be changing 804 to carry WTTG 5.3 or standing up another channel ?

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    they might carry it at change date or might need to have new contract for it

  • Hi JPerseo,

    MeTV has terminated its affiliation with WJLA. This change is outside of Cox's control. We are working to restore MeTV to your lineup. We hope to have more information soon!