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Why have I started receiving this message this week?

 The message was not sent to Linda Cwiek <>. There are several reasons why this may have occurred: 1) You may have exceeded the allowable sending limit via WebMail. If you have knowingly been sending numerous messages within a short time period, you may be blocked from sending additional messages for a period of three hours, at which time the block will be automatically lifted. 2) The content of your message may be considered spam by our anti-spam systems, and has therefore been blocked. Try sending an empty test message to yourself to see if you can receive it. If you receive it, this would indicate that the blocked message is considered spam. Please visit for more information. 3) There may be a temporary system problem or maintenance which is causing the failure. In this case, the service will be restored as soon as possible.

Every few emails. I have to close and sign back in. I do not have an excess number of stored messages.

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    First, can you send a plain test email to that email address?

    Second, how many email do you send in a day? Hundreds?

    Last, if I google that email address, it comes up on several spam pages. Their mail server isn't blacklisted, but I think some of their email addresses may be compromised. It  may not be related to your problem, but if your connected to that email professionally, please report it. 

    PS. Small world, I'm SK right now. :-)