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McAfee Scan

on every McAfee scan I attempt I get this message: "unknown error received from scanners", and then the scan stops.

using MacBookPro, OSX 10.11.6

I've also received this message today:

"Dear Subscriber,

Cox has identified that one or more computers/ devices behind your cable modem may be infected with the FakeSecSen or "Spy Sheriff" Virus. A device behind your cable modem appears to have connected to a command and control server affiliated with this malware."

There was other info about selecting McAfee or Norton, etc.,

I'm concerned about the malware...

any ideas re. '...scanners', or the malware?


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    Hello Freelancer,

    I see that you're having some issues with the security software. We have a team of techs that troubleshoot that software specifically. Please contact us at 1-888-556-0959 for additional technical assistance with Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee.