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McAfee Cox Security Suite continually deactivating

My McAfee routinely deactivates itself.  I uninstall it (per support answers I've found in these forums), download the latest version, and install it.  It's fine for a month or so, and then I'll get a red exclamation point in the icon in the menu bar.  I launch the McAfee control panel and it tells me that it has been deactivated since 1/15/17.  Doing this every 4-6 weeks is getting old.  Is there a solution other than the cycle described above?

MacOS version 10.11.6

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    Hello Richard,

    Our Cox Security Suite team can assist you with Mcaffee issue that you described. Please contact us at 1-888-556-0959 for additional technical assistance with Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee. Thanks