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Mc Afee real time scanning

There doesn't seem to be a place to reply to this problem. I am currently suffering the same problem. Mc Afee seems to be a bad choice for Cox to provide. I can't even open it up to see if I can turn off real time scanning, because it always says its updating, and I need to wait till its done.

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Posted: 22 Mar 2014
Post Subject: Mc Afee real time scanning
Post author: enraeh

I upgraded to the latest version today and now programs that took 5 or 10 seconds to load now take 5 or 10 minutes! If I turn off real time scanning this problem goes away. I would rather surf safe and use the real time scanning feature, but the computer is basically useless in this mode. Any ideas how to fix it? Would a downgrade to previous Mc Afee version do it? Help!!!