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Manual recording end time is reset

Contour 1 DVR.

I created a manual recording for a future program which was several days in the future.  I modified the end-time of the program so it would be shorter.  Originally the program said 7 pm to 1 am.  I changed it to 7 pm to 10 pm.  Saved the program.  Then I looked at Scheduled Recordings just to verify that the correct day and times were properly set.  They were.

However, the next morning I looked again at Scheduled Recordings and the end time had been RESET back to 1 am.  BAD.

So I modified it again, saved, and verified it was now ok.

However, the next morning I looked AGAIN at Scheduled Recordings and the end time had been reset AGAIN back to 1 am. 

Who is resetting it?  What is happening?  

Also, how do I tell what version of Contour software and firmware I have?  Is it remotely updated frequently with fixes?

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  • John2222,

    All equipment on the Cox network is updated remotely as needed. I'm not aware of a particular schedule or that it would happen frequently. When you set this recording are you choosing the option to Record This Program and modifying the end-time or did you choose to Set Manual Recording?

  • I found the program and date using the Guide, then I pressed Record, and then selected "Set Manual Recording" and then selected the End Time and modified the end time to 10 pm, then pressed B for record and went back.  I verified several times that it was scheduled correctly with my times, but seems like Contour "refreshed" the program times during the night.  Obviously not what I wanted or expect.

    P.S. it is impossible to choose Record This Program and then change the end time to end 3 hours earlier.  30 minutes early is the most early you can set it.  So you can't use that option.

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    Do you experience this issue on both DVR boxes or just one of your boxes? I am testing the feature here as well. I have set a recording for tomorrow & will check the recording in the morning to see if it changes. I will contact you tomorrow to let you know what the results are. Thanks for your patience.

  • We have two DVRs.  One that my wife uses is the older Motorola DCH3416.  The one I was referring to is a new Contour (Explorer 8642HDC) DVR.  They are independent and NOT networked.

    The only thing unusual about the Untitled manual Scheduled Recording is that it shows a red "Live" on the bottom of the screen, which is correct.  The program is of a local city council meeting which by default is a very long recording (7pm to 1am).  That's why I created a manual recording to just record from 7 pm to 10 pm.

    It looks correct in the schedule today, so I will see if it records correctly tonight.  

    However, obviously, a manually set Scheduled Recording should not be modified or reset by Contour software!

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    john,  i am glad you mentioned this.  When i do a manual recording for 30 minutes,  it gets changed so that the recording lasts 2 hours.  Even if the selected show is only 1 hour long.  i sometimes just want to watch the last 15 minutes of a program so i do a manual recording.  When i immediately look at the Scheduled Recordings, it is set correctly.  But when i look later , it has reset to record for 2 hours.  I can change it back to 15 minutes and it will record the 15 minutes.  I have Contour 1.    This is a very small problem.  But , because of it, i seldom use the Manual Recording. 

  • John2222,

    I'm looking for more information on manual recordings of live events, but I seem to recall Live events having the effect you're describing on manual recordings. Can you test it on a show that is not live and let me know what happens?


    Are the manual recordings you're seeing change also live events?

  • ColeenD,

    Yesterday (Thursday) I set a manual recording for a normal program (NOT LIVE) that airs on Saturday from 4-5pm.  I changed the end time to 4:15 pm.  Today I checked the Scheduled Recordings and the manual (Untitled) one for Saturday had been RESET back to 4 to 5pm.  So the software bug does not appear related to live or not future manual recordings.

    How long before this obvious software bug can be fixed?  Will I get notified?

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    Are the programs actually recording during the incorrect time period?

  • The Scheduled Recording is set for Saturday afternoon.  Today is Friday.  I'll check tomorrow.