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Manage Payment Methods Online?

I logged onto my account and wanted to check to see what credit card was listed as my payment method. I went to:

There the page said: "You don't have any saved methods of payment.  Click 'Add Payment Method' to save a credit or debit card, or a bank or savings account."

So I clicked the button, but the resulting pop up page's button under "Select Method of Payment" only offers:  'Checking or Savings Account'   It does NOT allow me to add or correct a credit card on my EasyPay.

So I tried another page from the site:
But it offered up the same lack of choice.

So my question is how do I determine the current credit card attached to the account? Or, if none is attached, assign a credit card, when the web pages do NOT permit my doing so? I really don't want to pay the service fee to talk to an agent or to chat.

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    Hi KevlarVest,

    I'm seeing an option for both Debit/Credit Card and Checking/Saving Account. Which browser are you using to sign in with?