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mail send receive errors

For a month or two the mail client isn't working correctly. Its happening on my computer using outlook and my android phone. Tired of those send/receive messages. One minute an error, minute later all working as it should. Can you folks at COX do something with this? There are posts all over the net about this issue, just Google "cox send receive error" get a grip!

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    I've had the same problem all day today. The problem is not on my end. This is unacceptable, just fix this Cox.

  • Hi, everyone,

    We're aware of an issue affecting customers whose email addresses have not yet been migrated to the new platform. Techs are investigating.

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    I too am back in this intermittent ***...that I revisit constantly.

    Can you at least tell ME if I'm on you "new platform" or not?

    BTW:  I have about 5 cox email addresses.  It only happens to ONE of them.

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    Please send an email with details of this forum post, your full name and address to We can verify which platform you are currently on. Thanks