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mail in webmail continually disappears

All of my old mail no longer appears and any new mail is available for a very short time and than disappears. I have not adjusted any setting - prior to this week account worked fine, thoughts?

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    Are you accessing your Cox email account using any other device like a cell phone or tablet? If you have a device setup for IMAP, deleting the email on the device deletes it on the server and, therefor, webmail. If you have a device setup for POP3 and you don't configure it to leave a copy on the server, just the action of opening the client and accessing the email will delete it.

    Final thought ... are you deleting the email from the inbox and using the trash folder for storage? If so, Cox can purge the trash at will and you will loose anything in that folder. As a workaround, create an archive folder an move important messages to it.

    If neither guess help your issue, please post back, thanks.

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