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Mail for Windows 10

Dear Madam or Sir:

I hope you are doing well today. Today, something significant happened to my client application called “Windows Live Mail”, where I am no longer able to check my domain @Cox.Net email account. I called the Cox Communications Help Desk and we decided I would need to figure-out how to configure “Mail for Windows 10”, since it is new and everything was working fine on the Cox Communications email servers. In addition, I am able to login at Cox Communications “My Connection” and check my domain @Cox.Net email account along with “Personalized Folders”.

Please feel free to share with the Cox Communications Help Desk the following settings for configuring “Mail for Windows 10”.

1)     Open “Mail for Windows 10” in a small window.

2)     Open operating system Windows 10 “Settings” in a small window.

2a) Click “Accounts”

2b) Click “Email & App Accounts”

2c) View “Email, Calendar, and Contacts”

2d) Click “Add an Account”

2e) Scroll Down & Click “Advanced Setup”

2f) Click “Internet Email”

2g) Enter Email Address = AccountName@Cox.Net

2h) Enter User Name = AccountName

2i) Enter Password = {@Cox.Net Password}

2j) Enter Account Name = AccountName again

2k) Enter Send your message using this name = Mr\Ms. YourName

2l) Enter Incoming Email Server =

2m) Enter Account Type = POP3

2n) Enter Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server =

2o) [CHECK] Outgoing Server Requires Authentication

2p) [CHECK] Use The Same Username And Password For Sending Email

2q) [CHECK] Require SSL For Incoming Email

2r) [CHECK] Require SSL For Outgoing Email

2s) Click “Sign-In”

2t) Click “Done”

Now I am able to check my domain @Cox.Net email account. However, I communicated to Microsoft Corporation that I am not able to import “Personalized Folders” or “Contacts” from my domain @Cox.Net email account as of 1/23/2017. Would you please tell me how to import “Personalized Folders” or “Contacts” from my domain @Cox.Net email account? Thank you, for your time and consideration of my request.



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    @Windows 10 Mail

    Here's a link with information on how to setup email for various Windows email client. If you want folders to sync you'll need to use IMAP. Note that contacts do not sync over email therefore your mail client contacts list will need to be maintained separately.{38611eb0-bc75-11e1-eb46-000000000000}