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Mac OS X mail message - Unable to verify account or password

I have two   cox email server accounts.  One account works and the other account receives the error above.

Each Cox email account is associated with  different  individuals.  I have remove and recreated the accts  in Mac mail software.

I know the password is correct and I can create other mail accounts with mail on the Mac. It is the COX server that always gives me the error for the one account.

Is there a setting on the COX email server prevented the usage of using  Mac mail with COX mail server for the acct?

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    Hi RockyJR,

    Could you try resetting the password for the affected account in Webmail, then change it back to the original one? It's possible that the password on the server is not synced with your Webmail password.  Resetting the password will sync up both systems.  Let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.