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Mac Mail doesn't play well with Cox

For the last year or two, I have been experiencing intermittent issues with my Cox email and my Mac/iPhone/iPad.  Mac OS Sierra/IOS 10.  On and off, sometimes several time a day, I cannot get mail (all devices).  Sometimes it ask for my Cox password; sometimes it says the IMAP server is unavailable; sometime the account goes offline.  There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.  Sometimes it affects outgoing mail, but usually it is incoming.  Then for some reason, the problem stops......sometimes for a month or more.....then comes back.  Doesn't seem to be connected to MacOS/IOS upgrades or versions.  The two just don't seem to play nice.  Any one else experiencing this and, if so, any solution?  Thanks

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    Please use the following link and make sure your settings in MacMail are correct.

    Here are additional links for email support.

    Please let us know if the issue continues.

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    I would try a few things like turning off Wi-Fi on your phone and see how email works thru your carrier then switch back to Wi-Fi and try again. I have seen this kind of trouble with certain wireless routers affecting email from all providers as well. Make sure your router has the latest firmware update if you have one just to be sure. I have seen this kind of issue with some Linksys and apple Airport routers which required a power cycle to fix the issue and firmware fixed some of them depending on model. Should it be your router I would Recommend the netgear nighthawk series based on your budget. I currently have the Nighthawk R8000

     which works great with Android, windows phone, ipad, iPhone, game systems and have had no issues with this model (installed over 2 dozen of these in small businesses and homes) I have Cox Ultimate Plan (best I can get in my area) using a ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 which supports up to 700mb speed depending on provider. This has been the most reliable modem on the market.

     If you can provide a list of all the hardware model devices you use cable modem, router (wifi), etc. it may shed some light on your issue having that info. I usually steer people away from the all in one modems from Cox due to similar issues not playing nice with certain devices especially thru Wi-Fi. dedicated modem and dedicated Wi-Fi Router usually the best way to go.