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do you do mac security? I am a new subscriber, I had a pc connected, now I'm trying to replace pc with router, no worky. I tried a different pc, no worky. go back to original pc, OK. Tried calling support and waiting too long. If you do mac security, why? such a waist of time. Had service for 1 hour and considering cancelling

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    Mac security? Its standard DHCP to register a IP to a MAC address. You just need to power cycle the modem so it can assign your router a new IP. 

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    That. We don't register MAC addresses of customer premise equipment - your computer / router / whatever the modem is plugged directly into - permanently in our system as a form of security or anything, but our system assigns IPs by the CPE MAC, and the modem needs to be power-cycled any time a different device is connected to its Ethernet port to get it to recognize the change and get a new IP.
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    Not to confuse things, but hypothetical, if I wanted to change my IP (without changing my MAC) how long would I have to wait for the DHCP lease to run out? Another words, how long would I have to keep the router disconnected before the modem would assign it a new IP on boot? 

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    Leases are typically valid for 24 hours which can be verified by checking the lease statistics via your router or ipconfig in Windows.  Your connection would have to go at least that long without renewing the lease however it would still be necessary for another customer to take it before there would be any reasonable certainty of getting a new lease yourself.