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M.3.1.4 two channels

I have tried everything to get these channels back up and running. I have changed boxes, changed splitters, reset boxes, called customer support and had them reset and try to troubleshoot.  The channels missing are my most viewed and not being able to view them is making severely upset. Cox needs to fix this. I have been on the fence to switch and if this is not remedied soon the decision will be made for me.

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    What channels can you not get? Also, what type of cable box do you have and what cable TV plan do you pay for?

    If you have a mini box, that error means the box isn't detecting a signal, or a good enough signal, on the frequency used for that channel. If you have checked all the connections, the next step would be a technician to find where the signal is losing power. You can also try the diagnostics of the mini box as found on page 36-38 of manual, including how to see the signal strength,