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Lowered Data Limits?

When did the Data Limits get lowered?

Several months ago I had a limit of 2TB then a few months later I saw it lowered to 1.5TB... finally when I checked today I had a limit of 1TB (which I am over.)

I have the ultimate package as previously (possibly still) Gig wasn't offered in my area... So what gives and is there a way to up your/my limit?

Thanks in advance.

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    PackageMonthly Data Plan
    Starter 1 TB (1,024 GB)
    Essential 1 TB (1,024 GB)
    Preferred 1 TB (1,024 GB)
    Premier 1 TB (1,024 GB)
    Ultimate 1 TB (1,024 GB)
    Gigablast (Where Available) 2 TB (2,048 GB)
  • Hi LordBasaThunder,

    Cox periodically evaluates our data plans. On our current plans, the vast majority of our customers
    do not come close to exceeding the amount of data included in their plan every month. To view estimates of how your Internet activities affect data usage, visit the Data Usage CalculatorTo learn tips and tools to help manage data usage, visit

  • Becky,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I do understand that I don't fit into the norm when it comes to monthly usage. Is there a way to up my limit?

    Recent example, early access/evaluation game across four machines with unique chipsets. 55GB game x4 downloads, that puts me at 220GB per game build.

    While this isn't a daily occurrence, it happens with some frequency.

    Thanks again.

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    If this is an infrequent enough occurrence the occasional overage may be the best fit. Our business services unit has options for customers that may be significantly impacted by the stated allowances.

  • Chris,

    The frequency of it is dependent on game release dates (our normal usage is pretty steady.) Early summer and holiday being the times with the most releases. If I had to estimate I would say that four months out of the year I will approach 2TB the rest likely between 500GB and 1.5TB. Right now I am just trying to figure out the best solution.

    There does not appear to be overage charges for my area, however I would prefer not to be seen as abusing the system. I did look into the business packages, but did not see any that fit my needs.


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    The change was basically marketing to make their Gigablast package their new ultimate to get the 2TB. Should have left it at 2Tb and make the Gigablast 3Tb. This should not have happened to Ultimate package at all due to most Cox customers do not have the Gigablast option in their areas and will not ever see it in rural areas like me. I even have a Cable modem that supports 700mb but was told by Cox that they will not be supporting anything above the 300 package using cable modems even though the 1.4 gig modems are out already which was by design to prevent having to run miles of new fiber to my area. Fiber in my area will never happen unless google or LUS fiber comes here but won't happen anyways due to politics protecting cable provider supporting their monopolies. (LUS tried to come to my rural area already and was blocked by the Parish... Tired of Democrats here supporting monopoly instead of progress. They should put the 2Tb back on the Ultimate package for customers who will never have the Gigablast option (Its like a bait and switch without the option to go to the better). Since they took half away maybe they can put the price down to half :). Anyways my Local provider said there would be no overage charges for me due to having the Ultimate package being with Cox for 15 years plus. This depends on which state your in of course.  Like you we have steam, Origin, Gog, etc with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Xbox One. Should I reinstall all my games and programs with clean installs in the household on everything I would hit the 3TB mark plus some. If the so called Averages were under 1Tb then it was no big deal to leave it where it was in the first place. If they had GigaBlast here I would have already signed up of course but still want competition to get here to keep the prices from going up.

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    your not the only one... most of my Neighbors who are big gamers and movie streamers use their 2Tb and some on occasion. They have had letters in the mail about the overage warnings but not charged them for it yet. The reason we all got the Ultimate Package was to have that 2Tb cushion because of the activities. As long as Cox does not go back on its word and start charging overages we should be fine though but I have kept copies of previous advertisements and packages offering the 2Tb per month just in case. I have officially put in a request locally to put it back for peace of mind thru official channels and is currently under review plus I have over 100 plus petition signatures ready from Ultimate Subscribers in my area and other areas just in case. We know how companies like this go back on their word when its not in writing and keep in mind we were never officially notified thru our bills or emails of this reduction as they quietly did this thinking no one would notice.   

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    well bad news, starting in Oct 2016 in Cleveland and in January moved to several states, Cox has started charging $10 for every 50 gigs over. I am in one of those states and currently in the grace period, but I am in the same situation as a lot of you, where I do things that will make me go over the 1TB, repeated calls from Cox has them basically saying "our policy doesn't allow us to up data limits, you can look at going on one of our business plans for more data" which is complete BS.  For one, none of their business plans come close to the 300Mbps speeds without having to do some network bonding through a seperate box. 

    As it is the only difference to me in the premier and the ultimate is about 50Mbps, because in my area Cox Ultimate only goes to 200Mbps. So I might as well save myself a little bit of money and drop my package from ultimate to premier to save myself something at least. 

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    Hello Jodrok,

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Do you want to downsize to premier internet at this time?

  • DeeJ1 said:
    Do you want to downsize to premier internet at this time?

    Wow. Nice little veiled threat there. Unbelievable.

    If data caps were about either fairness or congestion you'd simply allow for rollover. Last month I used 750 GB. This month I'm already 75 GB over the 1 TB mark and climbing, with something like 10 days or so left in my cycle. After the grace period I'll have to pay a fortune for bandwidth I could've had as part of my package if I'd used it at a different time. Tell me how that's "fair" or makes the slightest bit of sense. It doesn't, it's about extra profit, pure and simple.

    Oh, and ya wanna know what nefarious activities I've been engaging in this month that pushed me vastly over the limit? Streaming. Yep, that's it, just watching freaking Netflix/YouTube/etc. a lot, because I'm disabled and don't have anything else to do all day if I'm not surfing or gaming. Even better, it's just HD, not 4K.

    Honestly, all this will do is force customers, --especially ones on low, fixed incomes like myself--,  to either switch to a different service (***, even DSL has a flat extra fee you can pay if you know you'll be regularly going over the 1 TB limit), or start using torrents to download highly compressed versions of movies and TV shows. The data usage calculator says that 1 hour of streamed HD video uses 2 GB on average. H.264 about 300 MB for same, and half that for h.265. I don't want to have to go that route, but what choice are you leaving me?

    And how will driving customers to your competitors translate to extra profits?

    Greed and brain cells just don't seem to work together very well.