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Lost Signal

I routinely lose my picture and the blue block comes up as a lost signal. Code 3.1.2 is that a bad mini box?

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    Bill of Wichita,

    Are you having this problem on all TVs or just one? Is the cable straight from the wall to the mini box or is there a splitter?

  • It is straight from the wall and seems to happen only on one TV. Have not seen it on the other one.

  • Hello,

    Is this happening on all channels or just one?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    Please swap the ends of the cable, what's in the wall put in the mini box and vice versa. When you reconnect the cable, make sure it's finger-tight and not over tighten.

  • I swapped ends, but I must tell you I am not using the mini box cable. It was too short. This mostly happens in the morning up till about 1 PM.