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Lost emails

I have had several emails sent to me today with attachments starting about 9am this morning.  Not one of them has been received yet.

Because I work on my computer from home every day, I need reliable email.

Not sure what is going on.  But this is a recurring problem where emails will pop up days later after they were initially sent.

I am very frustrated.  I have closed my inbox to no avail.  Any suggestions?

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    I am having the same issues...except it's more from just 1 person in particular. Not sure what to do!
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    Mine is also from one specific person who has a gmail account.  In reading a prior post from 8/10 this has been an issue.  I wish Cox would get this fixed!    #coxsupport #coxemail

  • We received an alert regarding Gmail this morning. Our network security team is investigating why email addresses aren't receiving mail sent from Gmail accounts. We will let you know if we receive further alerts or updates!

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