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Loss of Remote functionality, Guide, Setting etc etc

Yesterday I was not able to access the guide on my main TV. Thinking an issue with that particular Box I went to another room and experience the same thing. The only things that works on the remove is the Power Button and UP-DN Channel. ( The remote is also set up to control the TV power on and volume and that works fine).

I also realized the same issue happens on all the Boxes ( 5). First thing  did was to manually reset all the boxes but that did not do anything. So I called Tech Support and the lady she was very kind on trying quite few steps, reset, hard reset, remote re-program etc etc . She even put me on hold to ask a supervisor but the super had no solution. Only solution was to  have a tech visit. The tech will not come till Friday late noon. In the mean time a useless TV.

I do not see what the tech is going to do at my home.. looking for a broken cable?? a bad connection in one of wall  cox outlet?

The boxes are 2 week old. I was down again 2 weeks ago for a substantial loss of channel. Tech came, fix the cox ends inside and outside and still same problem. So they decided to swap out with new boxes. Here I'm 2 weeks later still with problems. Getting as bit frustrated with Cox, for the money I pay monthly I should not have to go trough this, Again.. ( Last time around the tech appointment was between 10:00 to 12:00  Sunday Am Tech did not show up till 3:00 Pm and was not finished till 7:00 Pm

Problem with Cox is that DO NOT HAVE A TECH TEAM ANYMORE !! they are all subcontractor...  Some  good some vary bad...........

My Problem is that the tech visit will not fix the problem;  This is a programming- Central problem;  these box have been re-programmed either by mistake or something. But here they are messing my time at home after a long day at work, I can not have dinner till they are done, I can not prepare things around the house. Cox have no clue how inconvenient the whole thing is, and especially since I know they are just buying time; the visit will not fix this problem.

According to the Tech support I talked to  " There is no issue in the PV- San Pedro Region so..... Am I the only customer with the problem ?.

I know what will happen.  Tech will come, check signal and will say OK ( because of the visit of two weeks ago). Will say will change all boxes again. Wait for other tech with new Boxes. Install 5 boxes set up all 5 boxes and then......?

Cox is running out of strikes...

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    I did see you mention in another post that you were waiting for a tech to come out and troubleshoot. Are you still experiencing these problems with the boxes?