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Los Angeles Angels Baseball on FSW HD channel 1064 Intermittent

During nearly every Los Angeles Angels baseball game broadcast I, at some point(s) during the game, experience freezing of the picture which I attribute to poor signal quality.  The freezing can last a few seconds at a time to completely losing signal for about fifteen minutes.  At it worst, if I change the channel to non-HD 064 I can watch the game.  While it's at its worst, trying to reacquire channel HD 1064 does not work and instead produces a message like, "Channel not available, Please Try Again Later".  If it is broadcast on "big" Fox HD 1011 or ESPN HD 1015 I don't have the trouble at all.  This issue does not exist for me on any other channels and doesn't even seem to occur unless it's an Angel game being broadcast.

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    Do you have this issue on all TVs or just one? Is the cable straight from the wall to the receiver or is there a splitter?