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Looks like our prices have gone up again! Hooray! Anyone have a clue WHY?!?!?

Prices just went up from $74.99 to $77.99. There was already an increase earlier this year, from $67.00 to to $74.99. If it was made clear exactly what the increase was for, and it didn't feel like they were just increasing prices because they can, it wouldn't be so bad. "C'mon... you know you're gonna pay it. So shut up and take it." Gotta love telecommunications companies. They really know how to love their customers.

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  • Well, Cox does not care about seniors living on a budget.  Our internet just increased by $4 - about the amount of the increase in monthly Social Security income for 2017.  THANKS COX.  All of your retired customers in Las Vegas really appreciate your attention to YOUR bottom line.  And of course, GOBBLING up our meager increase in income.  

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    Call your city councilman to complain about the excessive rate hikes.  I did, and days later got a call from Cox's corporate headquarters in Atlanta (and a 12 month rate rollback).

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    Agreed 100%.  This is pure BS from Cox.

    They claim they are enhancing speeds (same speed as my prior plan...), adding Wi-fi spots (when was the last time you used this or even Cox advised their clients where to find one of the access points and how access them?), and the kicker, that they are lifting the data caps (when I signed up there were no data plans/caps to start with!)

    As time goes and rates continue to increase, I will certainly look at other options.  I can't wait for Google fiber to get into town!

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    I agree as well.  This past summer, our bill went up 35%, and then this past summer, it went up again, another 5%.  Now I can understand prices going up for things like technology investment, but the fact that it's gone up so much and so frequent does disturb me.  I have already contacted my city councilmen, but since I barely live outside of city limits I'm not sure if my voice will be heard.