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Long time Cox customer

So this post has been a long time coming..

I am a IT manager and was a network engineer for almost 20 years so, I am neither stupid about these services nor incompetent.

I have been a reluctant and irritated customer of Cox for almost a decade due to living in areas where other providers either do not service or can not provide speeds needed.

The promise of lightening fast speeds and blah blah blah, signed up for Cox service only to be immediately met with issues.  They claimed it was out lines, and so since they were old lines, I didn't want to disagree so sure paid Cox to replace them.  Then guess what..still didn't fix the issue they send out tech after tech and looked at the modem and blah blah blah.  Fast forward 2 years in and they claim that the issue I have had over those two years is becauase my modem is bad and should replace it.. so I do and same issue, they claimed it was my router and so I replaced it same issues.  Fast forward 7years same issues never resolved!!!  The issues included... but limited to...  Internet would completely disconnect or be so slow that it was useless usually between the hours of 9 and 11am.  Then at night anytime after 5pm till 1-2am if you tried to stream anything, the service would crash, especially Netflix over and over it would take about 2 hrs to watch a 45min-1hr program because of the constant disconnects and shut downs, Amazon prime forget it.. never worked, these are only some of the issues slow browsing, failed email downloads... the list goes on!

So, 50mbps service after 7 years, 5 modems (from Cox) 4 different routers, New line install and countless tech calls and visits the service still sucked and the same issues that I had form day one of the install.  They really like to have you run tests on their speed test servers, not accurate ones, they also want you to test it wired not wireless, giving poor excuses about it to being unreliable blah blah blah.

The following year in year 8 I had enough and really got down to finding a new provider, I found one!! A wonderful service from a local provider, the service was only 12mbps down and 10mbps up line of sight service.  I had zero issues, was able to stream not only 1 Netflix show for its entirety but we could actually watch 2 Netflix or 1 Netflix and 1 amazon prime show simitaniously!!! Never had an outage, was never down, I work from home so this is very important for me!  Midway through year 9 this provider went out  of business the owner had personal family issues that caused the business to suffer and it closed.

I searched far and wide for anyone any provider to avoid coming back to this abysmal company and service, but I couldn't find another small service provider so back to Cox.  Here we are again, the exact same issues 50mbps service, brand new modem, same routers that worked just fine with previous service with a single issue for ever a year.  I called today and of course one of the first things they tried to tell me is it must be my router, oh and it must be that I'm doing this over wifi that I need to hard wire and maybe get a new modem.. NO, it worked perfectly fine with the previous service that was less than half the speeds!!  I know for a fact that it is not my internal setup, period, and I get they want to try and limit the points of failure but honestly I am sick of trying to Cox level one trouble shooting.  So now, this Friday Cox is coming out again to do onsite trouble shooting, where I am sure they will tell me on its your lines, which they installed new just a few years ago, or oh its your modem, which is less than one year old and theirs, or oh its your router which worked flawlessly with the previous service but starting day one of Cox the same exact issues that existed for 7 years prior.  

I am so sick of Cox and their service, if I could find any other reasonable solution, I would be gone in heartbeat, I am even exploring creating my own ISP at this point, or buying out the company that failed and restarting that business just to get away from Cox!

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    Perhaps a good place to start would be visiting and posting the signal status and/or modem logs. There may be some clues in there to help us understand what is going on.

  • Hi Chris this is part of the problem it always shows perfection... yet my experience is anything but.. haha  I have posted many of these and reviewed them several times with techs..

    I have also preformed performance testing on the routers I have have used... and not a single one every preformed below 230mbps data transfer.  

    I have also preformed speed tests across many platforms, they range from latency 20-896ms and Down 1.23mbps to 60mbps uploads are always in promised preformance ranges.

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    It does appear the signal levels are looking good there. I checked from this end and was able to confirm no packet loss up to the modem itself. The only thing I see that's unusual is an Apple device connected to the modem at non-gigabit speeds. Do you have a computer with a gigabit Ethernet port you can try connecting to the modem and testing the connection with?