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Logitech Harmony N-R0007 RF remote with Cox Contour 2 Voice Remote

I have a Harmony remote that controls my audio receiver.  The  Harmony transmits an RF signal to my hub that converts it to IR and talks to the Marantz receiver to control the volume.  With my old DVR, the Harmony talked to it the same way.  Now that I have the new Contour 2 with Voice Remote, I have not been able to use the Harmony remote with the new Cox box since the Harmony only transmits in RF and only talks to it's own hub.  The Cox box only receives in RF but NOT in the RF the Harmony speaks.  Am I missing something, or I am I just stuck with using two remotes to watch TV now?

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    Since your Harmony Hub only transmits infrared and your Contour box only accepts radio frequency, yes, you're missing something:  an IR adapter for your Contour.

    I quickly checked the Contour 2 boxes at and only one had an IR port on its rear panel:  the Cisco Explorer 9865HDC High Definition DVR Receiver.

    I also checked the Harmony website, and the 9865HDC is compatible with the remote and hub.

    You'll need the 9865HDC and its IR adapter.  Maybe Cox supplies the adapter?