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Lock guide button on 8820 remote

Seems like there's been a way to do this on other remotes, but can't figure out how on the 8820. After not using the remote for a while, I have to press the "cable" button before pressing the "guide" button. If I don't, "guide" does nothing.

Is there a way to lock the "guide" button so it always is associated with the "cable" button.

I know, I know, if this is my biggest problem, life is good :)

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  • NoSpanSam,

    If you want to open the receiver's guide with the 8820, it is required to press Cable first.

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    Thank you. Unless the Guide button can be used with other services, this would be a handy enhancement on future remotes. Seems like at least one Cox remote in the past had this feature.

    I appreciate you letting me know the feature is not available so I don't continue hunting for it.