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List of TImers

New to Cox Contour. Came from Dish. On Dish there is a list of Timers that shows all the show you have scheduled to record. This is separate from the daily schedule which shows which shows are going to record by day. For instance I might have Cake Boss set to record all new episodes but there are no new episodes to record so nothing shows int he daily schedule. How do I know if I have Cake Boss setup so I don't set it up again? On DIsh you went to the timers page and could see all the shows you have set to record.

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  • Hello JDE100,

    You can access scheduled recordings from the dvr menu to show all of the scheduled recordings for the next few days.

    You can also access the series manager from the dvr menu that will allow you to check and change recording options for a particular series.

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.