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I know this is a very popular subject in other forums but thought I'd check here.  When I upgraded to Countour 2 I also upgraded my TV to a Samsung smart TV and added a Polk Audio Mini sound bar.  I wanted to simplify from using a receiver.  I ran HDMI originally from Cable box to TV and HDMI from TV to soundbar.,  When watching cable I had a lipsync issue that cannot be adjusted.  It's the opposite of the TV adjustment.  The sound is delayed, the adjustments just delay it more.  It'a also only on Dolby Digital.  PCM is fine but who wants that.  I thought this was a Samsung issue so I ran coax digital  directly from the countour DVR to the soundbar bypassing the TV for sound.  That pretty much solved the problem, but even with that sometimes it gets off a little so I have to shut everything off and back on.  Since PCM works, it's as if there is just too much decoding going on.  I wish it was possible to send just a bitstream signal out of the cable box and let the TV or the Soundbar do the decoding.  When I choose bitstream output though I have to choose Dolby Digital.   This is just guessing based on other forums I've read.  That rambled quite a bit, but hopefully you get the idea. ....Ive not really thought about the DVR being the issue however another point is when streaming through the TV,  where the cable box is not in the picture........everything is fine. Any thoughts or ideas?

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  • Hello Kaj,

    We do not typically support troubleshooting soundbars. However, I suggest trying different connections/cables to see if that helps. You could also swap the box to see if that helps.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.