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Link speed

my link speed is all over the place sometimes I get 100 some times I get 40 this is becoming very annoying I am paying for fast internet speed and I am not getting it

I am getting really angry over this service, its been like this ever since I went to cox, I even changed modems with your company hoping that would solve the problem

Get this fixed!!!!!!!

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    I looked from this end and all looks well with the modem however it is reporting a lot of wifi interference. Do you have an Airport router connected to the gateway by chance?

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    Handy Dan, you should be a bit more handy and provide some actual technical data about your problem and setup, instead of just assuming someone can push a magic button and fix it.

    -What are the makes and models of the modem and router you are using?

    -Are you testing your speeds on a wired or wireless connection?

    -If wireless, then what are your speeds while wired directly to the modem?