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Link light not on, nor flashing

I have a Cisco DPC 3010 cable modem(installed by Cox 6/7/2012) and a D-Link DIR615 Router connected to an IMac (late 2010). Yesterday I noticed that the link light on the modem was not blinking--no light at all.  As far as I call tell, all the functions of the computer have not been affected--everything seems normal.  Is there a problem?  Could the linkLED be burned out?  Advice, suggestions?

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    LED failure are rare although possible. Typically no link light means a failure of the Ethernet connection between the modem and the connected device which in this case would be the router. If everything is working it would seem you may just have an LED failure.

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    That is what I thought too about LED lamps.  The Ethernet connection seems to be OK as the router seems to be doing its job OK and I have no other problems, other than the "LINK" light not lit/blinking on  the cable modem.  Thanks for your comments!

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