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License Error 3338

I have been a cord cutter since before it had a name.  After almost 10 years, I got sucked back in to the "cable web" with the $15/mo, 2 year, Contour Starter Package.  I recently moved to an outlying area and antenna TV reception was spotty and I thought the starter package might solve this problem.  Here are some comments after working with the Contour package for a couple of weeks.  I give high marks to the browser-based Contour TV interface that runs on my laptop and desktop computers  It is well designed, intuitive, and easy to use. But, I find that The Cable Company is still up to it's old tricks to sell more boxes and incrementally increase your bill.  I can mirror(aka cast) to my 55" Vizio HDTV using my laptop Contour at  I can't with an iPhone or an iPad.  Error code 3338, "...license violation..."  After reading through several blogs and forums where lame cable company trolls suggest that "they are working on fixing this issue", I find mirroring is actually blocked by the Contour apps themselves.  Even if you try using the browser on your iPad/iPhone, they can detect (using your MAC address) your device and vector you to a page that only allows the app to run.  This is not a license issue.  This is a strategy for The Cable Company to sell more and more cable boxes, installation services, additional rental fees and, provide you with an ever increasing monthly bill.

The end game for me is that without mirroring from the iPhone/iPad, Contour is not going to do the job.  After fooling around with the Contour package for a few weeks, I'll probably cut the cord (again) and go back to using various streaming services.   May even put up a TV antenna to catch the network channels.

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    Thank you for your post and presents in our forum community. The Contour app is online available on specific platforms at this time. I can add a request to have the app available on other platforms. Please email us at to submit the request. The purpose of the forum community is to allow customer to trouble shoot issues related to Cox services. Since this isn't a technical issue, I will be locking this thread. If you have any other quest, please email us to address your concerns.