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Letter regarding "update your phone equipment"

I received a letter from Cox stating that I have to update my phone "equipment to the latest technology in order to avoid a service impact in the future."   After extensive research on this - here is my understanding of the process . .  Cox will, at some point in time, install an internal EMTA (and remove outside “phone box” attached to my house).  If I just want the basic one (service without any integrated wifi), THAT device will have no monthly rental fees nor will it impact my current phone (Cox) bill, AND my current landline phone will still work. (just no added features). Is that about right?

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  • Hi sportsfam,

    You are correct. There is no additional charge for customers who receive a stand-alone eMTA, Cisco DPQ3212 with two (2) voice ports, 8x4 cable model/eMTA capable of 150 Mbps. This device supports both phone and broadband service.

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    when will Omaha be upgraded from outside phone niu?'s  to inside emta's

  • Hi Andrew,

    We do not have this information to share at this time. We are proactively notifying customers affected by the update required for Cox Digital Telephone through letters sent to your home as well as email.