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Legitimate or nah?

Is the email below a legitimate Cox Communications email? I don't want to compromise my computer security by falling for a phishing scheme.

Re: your Cox account ending in xxxx

Dear ________:
As part of Cox’s ongoing efforts to safeguard our customers’ information, we have identified that you are using outdated email security settings. 

To strengthen the security and privacy of your email account, it is essential you update the settings by November 7, 2017 on the devices you use to access the following Email(s): 

These settings control how email messages are sent and received
by your Email. They were likely set up years ago and do not
meet newer industry standards. Because your Email
settings are unique to your individual email programs on your
devices such as your phone and computer, Cox is unable to make
the changes on your behalf. 

For your protection, after November 7, 2017, any devices with outdated settings will no longer be able to send or receive messages from your Email until the setting changes are made.
How to Update your Settings
OPTION 1: For step-by-step instructions (including pictures) and more information about this change, simply visit type it directly into your web browser.

OPTION 2:  Use the quick steps below to update your settings:
Identify all devices you and others in your household use to access your Email.
On each device, open the email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail. On Apple IOS open Settings.
Under email settings make the following changes, as necessary:
  • If your incoming/IMAP mail server setting is 143, change to 993 with SSL enabled.
  • If your incoming/POP mail server setting is 110, change to 995 with SSL enabled.
  • If your outgoing mail server setting is 25, change to 465 with SSL enabled.
If you have already updated your email settings based on previous notifications, please disregard this message.

If you need further assistance, you can contact Cox Customer Support at 1-800-234-3993.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent request. 


Cox Security Team
Periodically Cox sends email about changes in our service that affect you. Please note that if you unsubscribe from promotional email, we will continue to send you important or time sensitive email messages about your service such as this. Cox will never send you an email asking for your personal information, such as passwords.