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Las Vegas Packet Loss

Today I decided to nail down why I'm having 1-5% packet loss in Overwatch. I'm at a loss now though, don't seem to be any problems between any of my PC's and the Router/Modem which are connected wired. However both Overwatch and Battlefield 1 are reporting packet loss as high as 5% sometimes more even and I'm like 95% sure the problem isn't with any of my devices. I'v turned off everything but the necessary for my NIC and every optional setting on the Router. I even get packet loss if i just ping -t for a few minutes.

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    when you are experiencing the packet loss trying doing a trace route to or even or ( - and put a couple of examples here.  It can be a bit tough to interpret, don't worry if only 1 hop shows drops if the next hop shows no drops, that's usually a prioritization issue.  We are looking for where the drops *start* and stick around.

    I'd also either call in to tech support so they can check your modem pings from their end, or one of the moderators here will catch up shortly and check - they will probably ask you to message them your account details so that they can find your specific modem.