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Large swings in upload speed

what could be causing spikes and lows like this?

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    Trust me, it's not just you that this happens to, I guarantee there's thousands upon thousands of Cox customers who are having this happen to them, most just don't realize it because not everyone is uploading things all the time or streaming, thus they won't notice the drops. If you're someone like me who does stream things from time to time, or uploads videos / images almost daily, you certainly take notice when this is happening almost every single day for the past week. 

    There are some SERIOUS issues with Cox's own network that they need to get resolved, they will blame their customers, but it's their infrastructure that is causing these issues. I've seem so many people on different websites talk about this same issue, I've seen so many others complain about the same problem I've been having for YEARS now that I am 100% positive that it's Cox's fault, and they won't admit they have some serious issues with their network infrastructure.

    Eventually some Cox rep will come into this thread with the same copy pasted response they always post, because they're not interested in actually solving their own problems, rather blaming their customers for their own poor service. 

    I've had the same exact issue at two separate addresses in Metairie Louisiana miles apart, for over three years now. Different equipment at both addresses, I've had THREE modems, about to be four as I'm getting a DOCSIS 3.1 modem in a few days, and I don't doubt the same issue will exist once I get it. I've had the cabling inside my house replaced almost completely. I've had the line that runs from the utility pole into my home replaced. I've had techs come out probably over 10 times at this point, more if you count the amount of times they came out at my previous address, all over this problem of upload / download speeds dropping to nothing.

    When you see a problem like this though, the primary source is Cox themselves. Your own equipment CAN cause these issues to occur, if you're modem has too high signals on the upstream channels for example, or you have too many splitters leading to your modem leading to signal loss, problems with Cox's CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System, This is most likely the problem and it's on Cox's end).

    I've called Cox so many times over this issue it's almost comical, I pretty much just stopped because it's clear they can never actually do anything to fix it by coming out to my house, dicking around for an hour and not being able to resolve anything because the problem isn't in my *** house, but back at their CMTS.