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Large packet loss since notice of data metering (circumstantial)

For the past several days (several weeks, actually, but it has been most noticeable this week), we have been experiencing significant packet loss on our cable modem connection, easily noticably reproduced from any end client by simply running a constant (1 per second) ping against my gateway, which at worst is 95% Request timed outs, and at best, 1 in 10 time out. This is quite noticeable in normal usage, because it causes significant delays, hiccups, connection issues, and general slowness of connected devices. I don't know if this relates to monitoring around new data tier plans, but the timing coincides, which makes it feel very frustrating to pay more to get a degraded service.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?

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  • Hey JMnITup,

    We'd be happy to help with any service issues you're having. Please send an email to with your name, address and link to this forums for assistance.