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la kings blacked out in las vegas

I have been watching the la kings on fox sports west on cox since i moved here about 10 years ago. Since the preseason and now regular season I have been trying to watch. The guide says theyre on channel 1049  but when i turn it ,its on poker or something else. I have contacted at least 5 different people concerning this. Now i understand Las vegas has its own team and have signed with att to be on 1313. but when i asked two different people regarding this  just today i was given two totally different answers. I want the straight answer about why I'm no longer getting the games im paying to watch, and if i have to pay for nhl center ice am i going to be able to watch the games there? i was told no this afternoon because the games are blacked out by the la kings kings to get people into the arena but i know thats not true. every game is sold out in la and still shown in southern california . I would like to know whats going on and how youre going to fix it.

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    I am wondering the same question. Majorly frustrated with this.

    I noticed it's not just Kings games, but any hockey on Fox Sports West. The guide lists the hockey games, but the video feed goes to some poker match. This is on BOTH Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. Different hockey games listed on each channel and both going to the same poker feed.

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    I said this in another thread - same issue.  Las Vegas is no longer in the Ducks and Kings protected tv territory and their games are no longer shown here on Fox Sports West or Prime Ticket channels 1049 and 1050.  As I understand it, both teams surrendered their tv rights in LV.

    Their games ARE on NHL Center Ice.  There was confusion the first weekend of the season when they were blacked out on NHL CI, but I have watched both Ducks and Kings on NHL CI since October 9.

    Edited to add: I have TiVo, and their guide is also wrong, still listing Ducks and Kings on 1050/1049.  Presumably TiVo and Cox will get it right at some point.  TiVo also had the wrong AT&T Rocky Mountain Sportsnet guide (apparently there are two different RM feeds) and did not show the Golden Knights games until they updated with the correct feed a couple of days ago.

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    Edited by OP for clarity.

    Fox Sports West / Prime Ticket are still shown by Cox in Las Vegas.  However, as I commented above, Vegas is no longer a "local" area for the Kings and Ducks.  Their games are blacked out on 1049/1050.  However, the Kings and Ducks are no longer blacked out on NHL Center Ice or the NHL streaming services in Las Vegas.

    The TV territorial areas are determined by the NHL and teams; in this situation, Cox has no control over whether they can show the Kings and Ducks on channels 1049/1050.

    Other than the Kings and Ducks, it is my understanding all other programming from Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket is shown in the Las Vegas market.

    I had an extended phone conversation with Cox tech support today (10/19) regarding the program guide erroneously continuing to show Kings and Ducks games on 1049/1050. The rep issued a trouble ticket although I'm not certain she truly understood the issue.