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KRACK in Wi-Fi

The recently discovered KRACK vulnerability in Wi-Fi means that our home networks are at increased risk of being hacked. For those of us who are renting a Wi-Fi modem from Cox, will the company release a security update to patch the vulnerability in these modems, and if so, when will this take place?

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    Bumping this thread. I have a rented router and I'd very much like to know if Cox will update the firmware to fix this problem, or if I need to do it myself.

    Just to clarify, we're referring to this vulnerability:

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    Long-term Customer,

    We are working with our WiFi vendors to get updates with fixes as soon as possible. These updates will be done automatically when available. We do want to let you know that the attacker must be near the device to carry our the attack. Thank you for your patience through this as well.

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    Anyone know how to turn off the wifi on a rented Cox modem?  When I started my rental I was told by default it is always on and could not find anyone who knew how to disable it.  I use only hard-wired internet at home.  Thanks for any help.

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    Try  However, you need to know your admin password.  Ask your installation technician.

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    Good Morning! Please respond with the make and model number of the router/modem combo you're renting and I can take a look. Is there any specific reason you want to disable the WiFi? If you're not using it at all there's really no reason to disable it.

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