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Keeping my email - I have had it for 10 years

I am moving into an area that does not have Cox.  I have had the same email address for more than 10 years.  Countless people, businesses have it.  There is no way I will be successful in remembering everyone I have to notify.   Is there a way to forward emails from this disconnected email account to my new email address?

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    No. AFAIK any vacation or email only service has been discontinued. 

    +1 Getting a gmail account. Don't chain your email to a ISP. 

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    There is no way to do what you want.  But you can get started now.... to avoid future problems.  Telephone and email everyone today to give them a new email address.  Use only that new address from now on.  Monitor your Cox account. Watch to see who keeps emailing you at the Cox address.  Phone those friends or businesses again.  If you completely avoid using the "old" address, you can make this switch work.  I hope you have 30 or 60 days remaining with Cox.

    Cox used to allow you to continue using your account (only webmail) for $9.99 a month.  They no longer offer that.