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Keeping more (but still limited) episodes with Contour 2

So I recently got Contour 2, and I'm quite enjoying it overall. But for a few of the shows I watch, it would actually be much more convenient if I could set it to keep more than 5 episodes at a time, without keeping all of them. 10 would be a good number, and the Contour 1 had that option. Is there a way to do that with Contour 2 that I'm missing? If not, that might be something worth adding in the future.

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    Hi PNelson12,

    I'm glad that you are enjoying Contour 2.  Just to clarify, when you say you want to keep episodes, do you mean recorded episodes of a series?  If so, 5 is the maximum number of episodes that you can keep unless you choose All episodes.  I apologize the inconvenience this has caused.  I'll share your enhancement suggestion to our leadership as we are always looking for feedback to improve our products.