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Keep getting DC'd from Internet multiple times an hour! Tired of the run-around!!!!

This is my last ditch effort before I find a new ISP to deliver the product I am paying for. I recently got an install at my new condo and my speeds are reading over 40 DL and 10 UP. I am running an AC1900 C6300 Netgear modem/router from Cox and the cables are all new. Devices are plugged in via new cat5e LAN as well directly to the Netgear. HOWEVER, for some reason, I will be gaming or on my phone and I will be COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED FROM THE INTERNET FOR 30SECONDS TO 1 MINUTE. The modem doesn't reset and my devices still show full signal supposedly coming through. This happens anywhere between 1 to 5 times an hour, no matter what time of day.

I have called cox multiple times on this issue and they keep saying there is no problem on their end. They even had the audacity to tell me to call Netgear, who was basically 0 help whatsoever. On top of that, the man from Cox tech support was very condescending and told me that it was Netgears problem and not his.

I want an answer to this yesterday, I am currently paying 65 dollars for a product that doesn't even work; *** even my century link internet didnt have this problem, and they are the worst.

I have attempted static IPs, port forwarded, DNS changes, static channel assigning, uPnp, and NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK.

Has anyone found a solid fix for this yet? I  am set to play in MLG prelim matches shortly and this will not be okay.

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    From this end all does look well with the modem.  It might be worth trying to factory reset the modem by pushing and holding the reset button for 30 seconds then configure your devices to auto-configure their IP addressing to see if that helps any.