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Keep CBS8 and MeTV

I expect to have CBS channel 8. I need an answer soon  Will I need to cancel cox service and go back to Dish.  I am not going to miss my favorite shows

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  • I also expect to have what I signed up for which include CBS 8.  It is the most watched network, with all the best comedy and drama shows, plus NFL Football.  Unless you want a flurry of customers leaving Cox and moving to U-Verse or Direct T.V., worker harder on getting this resolved.  If CBS 8 is off the Cox system on Friday morning, I will switch immediately to U-Verse.

    For $180.00 a month for just t.v., I expect everything I have now, not minus one network.

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    don't just bash cox without bashing the local affiliate also they are they ones who will remove the signal from cox.

  • Thanks for reaching out to the Cox Social Media Team! Cox is working to retain permission from Midwest TV to keep providing CBS 8/KFMB-TV channels. We are optimistic about reaching an agreement without interrupting the service to our customers.

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    I can not believe that you are even contemplating dropping the most popular TV station in your line up; we will also need to drop Cox; we signed up for Cox with the fact of CBS being in the channel line up.  What are you planning on doing to keep from losing CBS before tomorrow?

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    I need to keep cbs 8 and me tv  on my cox package. They are literally the only network channel I watch.

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    cox isn't dropping them the local affiliate wants cox to pay a higher fee to carry the channel which will cause your bill to go up. 

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    The only reason I still have Cox is because CBS does not stream (e.g. Hulu). I will absolutely, 100%, drop Cox if CBS is removed from their available channels. 

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    If cbs is cancelled Thursday I will cancel my cox account first thing Friday. 

  • Why should the bill go up?  I'm sure Cox will still make plenty for the prices they charge! Let them take a tiny hit for the team!

    That's my $.02 and I'm sticking to it.

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    As a basic subscriber, my viewing options have gone down over the years, but the fee for services has not. I have very few channels, too many of which are in a foreign language, tons or ?radio?, or are trying to sell me stuff I cannot afford. To have a major channel removed from the line up is likely to push me over the edge to get a dish like several of my neighbors have done. As it is, it is not unusual for me to turn the tv off and read because there is nothing on I want to watch. Explain that one to your advertisers!