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Just received e-mail notice from Cox about trash folders

I just received an e-mail notice from Cox stating: "Effective immediately all content in the trash, deleted and/or any other folder designated for deleted messages may now be deleted at any time and without additional notice."  It goes on the say: "All messages currently in your trash or deleted folders will be permanently deleted in 30 days of receipt of this message.  If you wish to save any of these messages, please move them to another folder now.  Please note, once emails are permanently deleted, content cannot be recovered."

Not sure how to read it ... we will start deleting effective immediately but not for 30 days???  "at any time and without notice' is kind of strong wording from a company who advertises "Your Friend in the Digital Age".

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    I apologize if that came off strong sounding.  We actually have customers that use the trash folder to store all of their messages so we definitely want to get the word out that this folder has a special purpose that may not be suited for long term storage.

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    I understand about people using the trash folder for long term storage, had the same problem with a few users when I was IT Director for a major company.  Every once in a while we would get a call from a user "I lost all my e-mail" ... "what happened?" ... "don't know, all I did was empty the trash folder".  But, we would never come on that strong, we would tell the user what happened and help him/her create archive folders. 

    This reminds me of a problem I once had with Cox e-mail.  Outgoing mail was just disappearing without a trace.  After going thru level 2 support, I was told "our e-mail filter deletes outgoing mail it thinks is spam without notifying the sender".  Asked why I wasn't notified of the deletion and was told "it's our network and we can do what we want!"  Not a good way to treat paying customers.

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    So the question is: how long will they stay in trash. Every once I a while I delete a note by accident, and it sometimes takes a couple days to discover that. BTW: I clean out my trash folder every week or so, so am not part of your problem.
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    TiffanyR, what did this add to the discussion?  The article you linked to just says "Trash and Deleted Items folder contents are subject to deletion at any time", same as the e-mail I received.  It doesn't answer jimgade's question.