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Just got the newest Contour box, Why is none of On Demand in HD anymore?

Has anyone else noticed this? I just got the newest box ( at least that's what the installer told me) The remote has voice function on it. Anyways, I have noticed that on demand you can't pick from the HD and SD choices anymore. It's just set up so that if it has an HD version it will play it but I have noticed that most of the time it won't be HD. I did a quick test and tried to play last weeks episode of Family Guy from Fox. On my new box, it only shows up in SD but I went over to my parents house who have an older contour box and they can pick the same episode in either SD or HD. It's really annoying to have a show that just aired in HD on tv not be HD on demand, ESPECIALLY when it's right there for the older boxes. Has anyone else noticed this? Can I request an older box? Here are the two pics, one of the old tv showing the HD option, and mine, where it says it is NOT hd.

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    When the show plays does the picture fill the screen or do you see sidebars on the top/bottom or left/right sides?

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    I had the same issue last week with the tv show Notorius.  If episode i watch defaulted to SD.  No way to change to HD.  Next day watch episode 2 it was HD.  ?????