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Just got Contour Flex Starter -- not impressed at all. Horrible picture quality.

As subject, I've only had this for about 15 minutes and already planning to cancel.  Picture quality is horrendous.  I have Ultimate Internet and an 802.11ac network, this is no excuse for the PQ to be this bad.  I have two HDHomeRUN boxes (each has two OTA ATSC tuners) for a total of four OTA ATSC tuners that I use with EyeTV, Kodi, Plex, MythTV.  The PQ (uncompressed) coming straight OTA is outstanding.  This Contour stuff is garbage.  Sorry.  Perhaps I will come back when: 1. PQ improves, 2. There are Contour Add-On's / Plug-In's for Kodi and Plex.  Until then, "Bye, Felicia".

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    Adding to horrendous list is the non-ability to use Contour remotlely for most stations due to draconian "licensing" issue and not even about to AIRPLAY for the same reason. Really? Sorry, us customers, have PLENTY of other options. We don't deserve to be treated like cattle.

  • Hi Sonic,

    I'd like to make sure we're comparing apples to apples, as they say. Your other post mentions watching Contour content on an iPad. Is this post also referring to the picture quality of Contour app content on an iPad? Or are you referring to the picture quality on a TV connected to a Contour receiver?

    Also, are you viewing content from your HDHomeRun tuners on a TV or a PC? Are these devices wired or wireless? We'd hate to lose you, especially for a technical issue that can be resolved.
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    can not get flex to load on brand new samsung tv, cox cant figure it out samsung says cox hasent made a app that runs on their smart hub works great on laptop contour 2 that is , so whats up. called cox and they acted suprised they could not log on to it either.

  • Hi Gitmo,

    It sounds like you have the Contour Flex package and you'd like to utilize the Contour 2 App for live streaming video content via your Samsung TV. Is this correct?

    The Contour 2 mobile app is not yet available for smart TVs. Please refer to the "About the Contour 2 App" article found HERE. The Contour 2 app is supported on the following devices: 

    We'll continue to add device compatibility options as we move forward into 2017.


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    Is the Contour Flex service an actual marketable service? I have Ultimate Internet service but the picture quality for Contour Flex is extremely low quality Standard Definition video with glitches. It's video quality is the same across all devices even with hard wired connections. Who can stand to watch this? I really don't know why anyone would pay for Contour Flex over any of the numerous competing streaming TV services. 

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    From this end all look well with the connection up to the modem. Can you try testing without the router and see if there is any change?