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just disappointed

i could go on for hours about how cox destroyed our distributed video systems for modern homes and night clubs. my cox rep even lied and said i had to get a mini box because of federal law . WOW.  but what i want to do is commend cox tv service for single highhandedly killing 90 percent of our children's tv viewing. its amazing. no one watches tv at our home any more. don't get me wrong there is a big smart tv in every room. just no service is provided any more. cox does not provide any tv signal or even a video signal. lol. we have 1 mini box to watch formula one on NBCsports. So cox tv keeps my family from seeing all the cox commercials , totally awesome. but we see no commercials when we have no tv signal. how cool . Ive had cox for 18 years and it just gets worse with time. its going to take me at least 2 years to drop this email address then im gone cox. thanks . rip me a new one while you can . 

signed mini box hater

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  • Hi Chrimpatty,

    I'm sorry that you are so unhappy with the transition to all-digital. Most customers actually gained channels and saw an improvement in picture quality by installing the mini box. From what you described, it sounds like the signal to your home wasn't properly trapped and you were receiving channels to which you weren't actually subscribed.

    It sounds like we may have provided incorrect information regarding the transition. TV stations were required by law to go digital in 2009. We have been rebroadcasting the channels in analog since then. We are one of the last cable companies to go completely digital and held out as long as we could. This change frees up analog space and makes more efficient use of our network.

    If you'd prefer to access only your local over-the-air channels, there are third-party digital adapters (also called converters) that you can purchase at the retailer of your choice. There are also third-party receivers that only require a Cox CableCARD rather than a digital box.