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Issues with DVR and other settings

I am unable to delete recorded shows and am not certain if new shows I have set to record are actually set.  The guide shows them as checked for recording but when I go to my list of scheduled recordings the new shows are not listed.

Also, recently noted that although I have my TV set to start on Channel 1002 when powering on, it has recently started turning on to the last channel I was watching.  I checked the settings and the settings are still set for 1002.

Is anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?  Very frustrating to be advised rates are increasing and to experience these issues at the same time!!

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  • Hello,

    Please power cycle the cable box and let us know if that helps.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    That appears to have alleviated the above issues.  However, my on-screen call notifications are not working.  I have checked the settings and everything is set correctly but the notifications do not come up.  Also, there appears to be an issue with the call log.  Thank you.

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    Hi ddyw,

    Have you tried to turn off the caller ID feature, exit the menu, and then turn the feature back on to see if that helps?