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Issues in connecting with Outlook for email

All of a sudden this evening my outlook is constantly prompting me for my username and password.  It has worked fine until just recently.  I've seen this before but usually it never lasted very long.  This has been going on for the past hour so far and it will not go away.  Is there something going on with the server?  Or has something changed?  The server I have in my configuration is the ""

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    I too have been having problems using MS Outlook and my cell phone email app. I've been receiving server error messages since Friday, 9/15/17. Initially I wasn't receiving any email on Friday, 9/15/17 and Cox confirmed their server was down. Then intermittently I started receiving the popup on MS Outlook on all my Cox email (I have 5) asking for my username and password and server error notifications on my cell phone. I called Cox again and they had another server issue earlier this week. But the error messages and User/Password popup continue.

    I use the IMAP server settings for all emails on both my laptop and cell. And have confirmed all settings are correct as recommended by the Cox Server Settings Help page. I've called to report the problem and the last customer server rep said they are not responsible for email when using other email clients like MS Outlook or a cell phone app. However, it seems it would be consumer friendly to provide some guidance as to what has changed on Cox's server platform to all of a sudden cause this conflict. Very disappointed in Cox's response.

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    there has been multiple reports of email issues over the last 5 days.... which Cox management has decided not to address other than explaining "It's an upgrade to our new '' webmail/email system..."

    it is apparent that Technical support has been told to 'Create a help ticket', tell the customer 'it has been submitted to technical support service & someone will contact you 24-48 hours..'

    The Cox forum has many similar complaints as does other technical Blogs, ie. DSL Reports.

    Now what we have to watch out for is "explainable bandwidth issues" to those customers who complain about service....

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    Hi Everyone,

    Do you have issues with logging in on our website? What incoming authentication and port number do you have in your email client?