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issues accessing Webmail for primary

I have the primary email account and a few secondary accounts.   I am sometimes having issues accessing email for the primary account.   I can log in on Webmail to the secondary accounts no problem, but if I logout from there and try to login to primary,   it won't connect.  It takes me to a page with a menu on the left called My Connection Home.  If I select Webmail from that menu,  it just reloads the page. All other options take me to the correct links.  The page address is shown as

If I try to connect on an Android tablet with either the original installed email app or K-9 mail,   I can access the secondary accounts but fail on the primary.  

I may have to start using a secondary account as my "real" email just because I can't always access the primary,  but  I shouldn't *have* to do that and would prefer not to do so.


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    accidentally edited something out

    on the My Connection Home,  there is only the menu on the left and the usual Cox header.   The rest of the page is blank and it doesn't show any indication that it is trying to load anything.

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    This sounds like what I have been living with, although I don't use secondary accounts so haven't checked that out. I frequently can't access my email inbox via android, Thunderbird, or by coming here to the Cox site. Oddly I can still send outgoing email from Thunderbird. I hope someone comes back with a helpful suggestion for you soon. No email access for hours per day is a big problem.

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    I'm having this problem as well.  We have 6 email accounts and only the problem seems to only be with the primary account.  Outlook 2016 and Outlook for Android constantly pop up with cox rejected log in.  When I log in directly to that account on the cox website, sometimes it is very slow loading and I have seen no inbox or messages there.  It's just blank where the messages should be.  Would like to get this fixed.

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    Hello all,

    I checked for outages with our email and there were none listed currently. I do see reports on our network Trends page of customers having the same issue so our Email team can see there is a problem. I can create a ticket for each of you individually if you like, please email support